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Send Varicose Veins Packing this Summer with Innovative New VenaSeal Treatment

The scorching summer temps are no doubt sending your varicose vein symptoms and pain into their own ‘searing’ category these days.

More than 35% of adults in the United States experience some form of varicose veins, most of whom are women, according to the Society for Vascular Surgery. Varicose veins are often the symptom of a more serious type of venous disorder known as chronic venous insufficiency, or venous reflux, when the valves that help blood flow out of the legs back up to the heart become damaged.

This leads to unsightly, discolored, and typically bulging, rope-like veins that appear beneath the skin’s surface.

At VeinSolutions Austin and Georgetown, we offer many non-invasive treatment options to eliminate varicose veins and varicose vein symptoms, including an innovative procedure called VenaSeal.

“One of the newest treatments available to help improve vein function in the legs while also improving their overall appearance is VenaSeal,” says VeinSolutions’ board-certified vascular surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Apple. “It is a simple, in-office procedure where we can essentially ‘seal off’ damaged veins that aren’t working properly causing them to dissolve and fade away while allowing healthier veins to take over.”

Dr. Apple adds that there is typically minimal — or no– pain associated with the VenaSeal procedure, and patients can return to work or full activities within one to two days. Bruising is also minimal, and often only a small bandage is required afterwards, meaning no compression stockings or heavy surgical coverings that would be uncomfortable in this heat.

How does VenaSeal work?

VenaSeal uses a medical adhesive, or glue, to safely close and seal off damaged veins. The adhesive is administered via a thin syringe targeting the affected areas followed by light compression on the leg to spread it throughout the veins. Once these veins are sealed off, they dissolve, get reabsorbed into the body, and blood flow is then directed through healthier ones. Legs appear remarkably smoother and less discolored afterwards.

What are the benefits of VenaSeal?

  • It is an in-office procedure, so there is no need to visit a hospital during these uncertain times amidst COVID-19.

  • No anesthesia is required.

  • There is minimal pain and discomfort during the procedure and typically no bruising reported afterwards.

  • Only a small bandage is needed following the procedure where the syringe was inserted–no heavy compression stockings or surgical garments–and patients can resume normal activities right away.

To find out if VenaSeal is the right treatment option for you and to schedule an appointment with one of our board-certified specialists at VeinSolutions in Austin, please contact us at 512.452.VEIN (8346). For VeinSolutions in Georgetown, please contact us at 512-501-4287 to schedule an appointment.

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Varicose vein symptoms may be treated by VenaSeal

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